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About Us

Our services are gradually dependent on our people. Consequently, we prioritise developing a unifying culture that will ultimately benefit our clients while allowing us to retain and recruit the best talent.

This our employees are always in your direction. If you need to contact any of our representatives or operators, please feel free to reach us on the social networks, and we will be in touch with you in due course.

The Hostenol company is a hosting provider that provides quality services at affordable prices in Bangladesh. Below is the story of the creation of our business from the beginning.

Step by step…

The company planned to begin its work in 2020, rapidly developing. In 2021, the company got its own Data Center, which meets all the parameters of hosting firms.

Qualified team for challenging tasks

And in 2021, the Hostenol company completely updated its facilities to the latest modern technologies, which we are justly proud of.

Therefore, the company has accumulated almost 8 years of unparalleled experience in the field of hosting services, our achievements:

Immediate installation of services

We try to present our services 20% quicker than other hosting providers in the market, as frequent delays are disturbing and detrimental to your project because we admire the trust of our customers.

Process automation

Automated hosting processes ensure high performance, flexibility and eliminate the “human factor”. We only support cutting-edge technologies.

Moving forward confidently

At the time, we continue to develop and get better. Hostenol is a team of experts, and our core goal is the result! We are not hunting profit. Our intention is quality service, affordable prices and high performance. Having met once, we keep a relationship for several years. We are eternally glad to see you among our clients.

Meet Our Experts

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Mr. Reaz

Reaz Ahmed

Founding Father of Hostenol

Saeed Al Hasan

Saeed Al Hasan

Founder & Joint Venture

Naimul Islam

Naimul Islam

Senior Hosting Expert

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